Thank you! HBCA Builder of the Year

Brevard COunty FL Builder of the year crew

There are many people to thank for me achieving this prestigious award. A few of those are listed here.

My Dad for giving me the interest in working with my hands, having tools and crafting carpentry projects.  He showed me how to treat customers, associates, and the community at large.

My first paying job in the construction industry. Building custom homes in Plantation, Fl – Lago Mar.  Learning the trade, forming slabs, tying steel, forming tie beams and columns, setting trusses, and sheathing engineered roof systems. High school friends Tom and Clayton, finding the “fun” in construction.  A few years later, while in college I became a State Certified General Contractor.

Thanks to Rick Brito and the other members of my first crew.  Rick termed “Two Carpenters”, a saying we still laugh about today!  We found the joy in completing tough projects and writing both volumes of “Tricks of the Trade”. Throughout my career, Rick has given me the confidence to do what I love.

Pam, you are the reason I become a Roofing Contractor. Thank you for keeping the “business” of Halco, Inc. together.  Your invaluable advice and encouragement about “being professional” is not forgotten. 

To my son, because of you I never gave up no matter how tough circumstances had gotten.

Thank you, Sue, for suggesting membership to the Home Builders and Contractors Association of Brevard.  To Paul Joyal, thank you for believing in me as your Builder Director nominee to the Board of Directors at the HBCA.  To Christina Slate, I am humbly honored by your nomination for “Builder of the Year”.  To the HBCA executive board.  Thank you for trusting me to carry the responsibility as your “Builder of the Year”.  I will graciously represent this accolade throughout our society!

Most of all, to my clients! Thank you for entrusting Halco, Inc. with your projects!   It is because of you, “Our Reputation is Building”.


Jim Halas

General Contractor,

Roofing Contractor,

Halco, Inc.